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G Switch Game Online

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» G Switch Game Online

Welcome to G Switch! This is a simple but addicting fast paced quick reaction game. In G switch your task is to control the direction of gravity to guide the runner past 8 checkpoints and through the finish line, or you can play endless mode and see just how far you can go. Simply click the left mouse button or press ‘X’ to invert gravity and keep the runner on the screen as he runs along the platforms and past a city background. Test your skills in this exciting game as either a single player or for a more competitive gameplay try to beat your friends with up to 6 players at the same time on the same keyboard. This simple concept turned into fascinating game is designed and programmed by: Vasco Freitas, with the game art created by: Frederico Martins, and the music and sound created by: Francisco Furtado.

The controls are simple; by using ‘X’ or the left mouse button the runner jumps from the floor to the ceiling and keeps on running. You cannot change the gravity when the runner is in mid-air, only when his feet are on the ground, so plan your jumps to make it through. It may sound easy but timing is everything, fall through the cracks or get stuck and pushed off the screen and you will be reset from the last checkpoint. When playing with multiple players different keys will be assigned for each runner.

As you run along the space age platforms be careful of the obstacles in your way and be ready for whatever may come. So get running and see just how far you can make it. Good luck!

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